The Wolves was born from the commitment to learning.

This project was created with the idea of having an unforgettable adventure in an amazing place and with people who want to share with and learn from others.
Learning, building relationships and gaining experience are the three pillars of The Wolves.

That’s not to say that creating a positive atmosphere and coexisting is not important to us, it is, but we are confident that this will happen naturally.

We will spend our days listening to the speakers explaining how they work, how they talk to their clients, how they manage their workflow, what the most important things in their work are, etc.


November 11th – November 17th, 2018




Gabe McClintock

I am a family man. I have an amazing partner and we have four incredible kids between us. I shoot because it is my love, and it is how I create. I can’t paint, draw or compose music, but having a camera allows me to capture moments and express in profound ways. I am obsessed with travel and am inspired by human connection and its powers. To be able to live a life mixing these passions is a dream come true. Each flight I get off in a new place, smile and feel so incredibly grateful for this life that my couples and my family allow me to live.


Sara Byrne

Hey I’m Sara.


I live in Portland Oregon with my partner Phil and my 2 kitties. I’ve been photographing weddings and other things for about 7 years now and it has been a journey of ups and downs and constant growth.

I love working with passionate people and thrive outdoors amongst natural beauty. When not shooting we spend our time making up songs about our cats, hanging out in airport lounges, and trying to discover the secrets of the universe.




Oli Sansom


Oli is an award-winning photographer, interaction designer and director.

Whether chasing Bruce Springsteen around Jersey backyards or joining voyages of scientists in Antarctica he’s entrusted to capture the small and large human stories, and champions the hard stuff: risk, uncertainty, and ambiguity as some of the most overlooked tools in creating meaningful work.





A Fist Full of Bolts


We are a wedding photography collective based out of Western Washington State – shooting weddings nationally and internationally for the past 12 years.  We love documenting life with a creative eye. We live a life that is incredibly more wonderful than we could have ever imagined – it’s because we operate out of our hearts. We let the things in our life that make our hearts beat become the wind in our sail.

– Sean and Melanie



Bonfire Nights

Dinners will take place on the beach while we chat about anything we like.
Some friends will tell us about their experiences and their way of seeing the world.



The wolf day


So here goes:

My name is Chris,

as a kid i had dreams of growing up and becoming a dinosaur, mainly a velociraptor. i have too many pairs of vans, i love the rain, pistachios, driving with the windows down & peanut butter sandwiches (crunchy)

I am just a normal guy that feels like he’s stealing a living, I still can’t get my head around it, I’m waiting for the dream to end!





The place


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